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About us

Recruit a Student has its origin in a staffing solution for the company of one of the founders. Back in 1999, Jaap Dietz was the CEO of an awning manufacturing business; a line of work where the need for workers differs every day. The other founder of Recruit a Student, Remco Beijer, was one of the students who worked there at that time. At a certain point, recruiting fellow students took roughly the same amount of time as his studies Human Resources. To keep the group intact, the students were lent to other companies in between the awning projects. That was the basis for the birth of Recruit a Student in 1999.

Nowadays Recruit a Student has developed into a versatile company where detachment, recruitment are the core business. With offices in Amsterdam, Breda, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht, Zwolle, Leeuwarden, Antwerpen and Flevoland we guarantee national coverage. Our database is filled with university students and contains the most comprehensive selection of talented students. Hard workers with high potential who are an asset to any company. Quality is our main value. Therefore, we are member of the NBBU since day one and worked hard to become a NEN- certified recruitment agency.

And we keep on moving forward. Five offices are being ran by franchisees who profit from our one of a kind franchise formula. Our focus also spreads increasingly to other European countries. Our offices in Antwerp and London are the first strongholds in our effort to conquer Europe.

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Online agenda
Quickly check when you are scheduled, simply report your availability and respond to the latest vacancies. You arrange it with us with one app.

Nice colleagues
Colleagues make the work fun and the nicest colleagues come naturally from your own network. We reward you gratefully for that because with MY Recruit you earn gifts when you bring friends, family, classmates or other acquaintances. For more information, contact

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