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Motivation Letter

You will never get a second chance for a first impression!

Here, you are at the right place to make a cover letter. We will give you different examples which you can use when you are going to write a cover letter or a CV. It is really important to write your own letter from your own perspective. We will only give you examples.

At first we are going to give you the requirements  for writing a good cover letter. If you want to have succes, your letter has to be:

  • Accessible (for or five paragraphs, each one with it’s own theme)
  • A clear, comprehensible letter without errors
  • Nice to see (a pleasant lay-out)
  • Not very tedious (keep it short but powerful)

Write your cover letter in a convincing tone of voice and style. It is important that your letter urges curiosity. The company has to be curious about you. Present the information in your letter short but powerful and make sure your cover letter is interesting to read.

Everyone who writes a cover letter wants to be invited for a job interview. That’s the reason why you have to pay a lot of attention to your motivation. For a company, your motivation is the most interesting part of your letter. Write down the reason why you really want the job and why you want to do the job at the company you write your letter for.

Write your cover letter in a way it’s interesting for a company. Your skills are important for the job you apply for.

Head paragraph:

Make it interesting and urge curiosity at the beginning. 

In this paragraph you write down:

  • Which job you want to apply for;
  • The intention of your letter ( the reason for writing this letter)
  • The reference to a vacancy (this is not a must)
  • A good start sentence (make it personal, original and inspiring)
  • Make sure you get noticed by the company (you have to stick out)
  • Avoid standard phrases
  • Present yourself in a good way
  • Try something different than a platitude and be relaxed in your writing-style
  • Tell the company why you are interested in their business. The reason you apply to this job is your motivation.

Middle paragraph:

Make it quick to the heart of the matter.

this paragraph you write down:

  • Why you want this job (your motivation)
  • Which knowledge, skills and experience you have (with a reference to you CV)
  • Why the company should hire you
  • Your opinion about the company and why you like the company, the job, the area… etc.

You have to convince the company that you are the one they are looking for. You argue this part of the cover letter with your CV. This is the most important part of the letter. Make sure your CV is enthusiastic, interesting, motivated and active.

Last paragraph:

Write down the little things 

In this paragraph you write down:

  • When you are available to do your work
  • That you’re looking forward to a job interview
  • At the total end of the letter you mention possible attachments, like your CV and possible certificates or relevant diploma’s.

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